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GWh Solar Farm
ete microgrid

End-to-end Microgrid Energy Efficiency (OFF-grid/ON-grid) solutions.

We offers to the companies, publics clients and individuals, a complete range of end-to-end Microgrid Energy Efficiency solutions - tailored Solar-Powered Microgrid solutions, PV-energy Storage Systems (OFF-grid / ON-grid) - and services for every energy need, from basic microgrid projects to a large-scale solar photovoltaic, virtual power plant (VPP).

microgrid management

Microgrid management.

Our Microgrid management solutions ensure the reliable control and monitoring - protects an independent power supply against blackouts and balances out grid fluctuations as well as fluctuations in power consumption with high usage of renewable. They can be particularly important for preserving functionality of critical societal uses, that focuses on utility networks, public lighting and public works buildings such as public safety facilities. 

self consumption

Self-consumption applications.

Our Microgrids energy efficiency solutions - self-consumption applications - is a independent, safe and resilient power systems for commercial / industrial facilities, intensive industrial plants, industrial zones, rural electrification, remote sites, islands, small communities, isolated villages, neighborhoods and residential facilities. The proposed systems is divided in several Microgrids systems - photovoltaic power plants systems of small or large dimensions, installed on the ground or integrated into buildings (building-integrated photovoltaic - BIPV).


Public-private partnerships (PPPs).

As a independent power producer (IPP), Transportation, Distribution and Commercialization of 100% renewable electric power, we are trying to Building effective public-private partnerships (PPPs), with a mission to provide the highest ROI over the projects lifecycle. Together with our partners, finance professionals, offering the best financial solutions for industrial & commercial sertors, Government, Municipal, residential, Organizations non-profit, as well as electric utility grid (energy power supply solutions for electric power industry) in Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa, Australia, South America and not only ...

TERAWATT SOLAR is one of the proven renewable energy sources, partnering with professionals to accelerate the use of solar energy worldwide. Collaborate with local authorities, finance teams and project parties.





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